I cannot say enough about this company! Mr. Duane did a fantastic, thorough job. He also beat everybody else’s prices. I am very pleased with his work and will always use this company in the future. You will not be disappointed!!!

- Amber H.

Quick response. Quick troubleshooting. Quick repair. Good communication. Good price. Thank you, Duane and James, for all the help.

- Lee G.

Rescue Plumbing has been the most dependable plumber I have used. They always explain everything before they start. Their rates are good but worth every penny to have sound plumbing. They installed new shower fixtures and also plumbed an addition. A++++

- Colin S.

Duane is not only knowledgeable regarding plumbing, he’s also very professional and honest. We’ll definitely use him again. Thanks, Duane!

- Levi C.

There is no other plumber in the area I will use. He is the best. His final work is always clean, nice looking, and up to current required standards. He is wonderful and easy to talk to.

- Charles W.

Rescue Plumbing is our new best friend! We had a water heater supply line leak, and Duane had it fixed the next morning. He also flushed the tank & ensured no other leaks were present. He fixed the connection better than what we had & gave us a senior discount! I’m keeping his number in my phone…we’ll be calling him again! Thankful for him.

- B L S.

Just what to say anytime you have to spend money during the holidays unexpectedly, it hurts, but here they have a way of easing the pain. Very professional, super nice, very helpful, and great work. I hope I don’t need to call anytime soon, but if I do, I found the best plumber around. Thank you.

- Brandon K.

Rescue Plumbing did great job and stuck to the price on the estimate. Duane and his son worked hard to get the project done!

- Sammy D.

Our shower handle broke in the on position, and we couldn’t get it to turn off. We have used Rescue Plumbing for several jobs and been very satisfied. I called Duane at dinner time, and he said he would be on his way. Very quick to respond, professional, and a nice guy. Thank you!

- Stephanie B.

They came out on a weekend and fixed my main line coming into my mobile home. They didn’t act as if they thought I couldn’t pay just because I live in a small mobile home (others have looked at me as though I was wasting their time). The price was fair, and the work was done surprisingly fast. I am more than happy with them. They discuss the cost ahead of time, and there were no mid-job changes. This is a wonderful company to do business with. Thank you so much for the way you do business and the wonderful job you did.

- Monika R.

Excellent and a veteran, which is a great addition to his professionalism and the quality of his work. He came quickly, explained the problem, and went right to work. I can, without reservations, recommend Rescue Plumbing to anyone who seeks the highest professionalism and honesty.

- David W.

Duane is an AWESOME plumber and person. He will survey a job and give you ALL your options, even the money-saving ones. And if he’s going to be running behind, he calls and lets you know. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good plumber. Duane is also a vet and does his best to support other vets. I thank him for his service, both military and professional.

- T P

Mr. Woodward was fair and very personable. I called Rescue Plumbing approximately 11-12 years ago when we first bought our home for an issue and was impressed (very professional & witty). When I had a plumbing issue just today, I knew who to call. Rescue Plumbing’s phone # was in my phone. Mr. Woodward arrived promptly and did the job efficiently. I highly recommend Rescue Plumbing for any plumbing issues.

- Ed T.

Very professional and willing to share knowledge with client. Thankful for your service and will always be your customer. Thank you, Duane, for your help.

- V. B.

Duane RESCUED our Thanksgiving!! He promptly repaired a bathroom leak that could have totally wrecked our holiday!! Completely professional and great to work with!!

- Denise D.

Best plumber in the Middle Georgia area. Trustworthy not only in his prices but in his work. Duane is the only plumber I will ever call upon.

- Caleb

Duane did a job for us 2 weeks ago, and we are so pleased with his work. He was prompt, knowledgeable, professional, courteous, respectful, and easy to work with. The low boy water heater he replaced was “creatively” installed, so he had to do it all again – literally from the ground up. He was so patient, and he worked so hard. Duane communicated well and made sure we understood exactly what he was doing and why. How refreshing – someone who does exactly what he says he will do. His pricing was more than fair. We are already repeat customers, as he will be here next week to straighten out something else. We highly recommend Duane and are grateful for his expert help.

- Joan Y.

There is a reason why his rating is 5 stars – because it is true. The owner, Duane, takes his time looking at the issue, determining what is needed, and providing a fair and honest estimate. He advised of a start and completion date and held true to it. He is very trustworthy, and I will be recommending him to all my friends and family moving forward.

- Jennifer M.

Could not get anyone to come help and be willing to look at my issue before wanting a check. One company told me they don’t do estimates, they only come to fix it @ $95 hr. Called Rescue Pluming; not only did he answer his phone right away but got to my home in less than 3 hours. Gave me an idea of price and an idea on how I could fix it myself until I could afford a proper fix. Sadly, I was not able to use him this time, but he is now added to my contacts for any future issues. Very friendly and willing to take the time to explain what is going on and how he would fix it right the first time.

- LW

We have had an EXCELLENT experience with Duane and his team at Rescue Plumbing. Long story short, we discovered that we had root intrusion in the pipes under both of our toilets. Duane diagnosed the issue, gave us a quote that same day, and helped advise me what to say when I called my insurance carrier. Then he and Justin did the work and did a great job – even helping coordinate the rebuild/tile installation. He always called to let me know when they’d be arriving, and they were always timely. Before we knew whether insurance would be covering it, he offered us a very generous discount if we were going to pay out of pocket. Thankfully, our claim is covered, and I know that’s in large part due to Duane’s help! Overall, it’s been a seamless experience, and I’m so glad I called Rescue Plumbing. I will be referring this company to anyone in need of a plumber!

- Melissa W.

Very professional and knew what was going on. Very straightforward and very quick to act. Lots of connections as well. Very helpful, especially if you’re a new homeowner experiencing problems for the first time.

- Cody M.

Honesty and integrity. Will call again!

- Sharon B.

Not cheap but is wonderful in every other area.

- T.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Upgraded my kitchen faucet and garbage disposal. My wife is very pleased.

- Murrell A.

Great people. Excellent work. Very informative. They were very good about telling me what they were doing and how to keep the clogs from reoccurring.

- Tiffany T.